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Why us


  1. Cause. Not a product!

    We are not just an Eco-Friendly Dispoable products provider. We are here for a cause. To save the greatest assest of all time - THE NATURE.

  2. Eco-Friendly

    Made from renewable raw material, our products do not harm nature in any way. Also, our packaging is entirely made from recycled paper. So no harm done :)

  3. Government + Community Recognition

    Being eco-friendly can attract a lot of positive recognition from eco-friendly community and government incentives. Also we provide no-cost marketing services for our distributors.

  4. 100% Natural Product

    Our products are 100% Sustainable, Compostable, Bio-degradable,Chemical Free and Natural.

  5. Brand Image & Expand Customer Base

    A company with eco-friendly brand image will be viewed positively & trusted by environmentally-conscious customers.