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What is the Retree product material made of?
Palm leaf plates are made from the Areca Palm tree sheaths.
You say it is made from the sheath of the leaf, so the palm leaf plates are biodegradable?
Yes, the Retree Products are eco-friendly and biodegradable. Don't need any commercial composting. Retree products can be composted in the backyard, and it gets broken down into compost in less than 90-120days.
Why do Retree plates have dark grains and spots in them?
The spots and grain occur naturally in the sheath. These grains are similar to wood grains and are completely normal.
Are the Retree plates capable of handling hot and cold foods?
Yes, these plates go very well with hot and cold foods. Retree products can use it to serve hot soup, ice cream, and desserts as well. They will easily maintain their integrity for well over 45 minutes to 1 hour.
Are these Retree plates mold-free?
We take extra measures to ensure that our plates are free from mold and other sorts of fungi. The sheaths are washed in running clean water and scrubbed to remove the dirt and other mud particles in them. This step removes all the unwanted particles on the plates.
Are these Retree palm leaf plates free from Gluten and other synthetic chemicals?
Yes, Retree products are completely free from Gluten. NO chemical is used in the process of manufacturing the plates.
Do any trees or leaves get cut in gathering the raw material?
No. Only naturally fallen, dry leaves are used for manufacturing these products, which are otherwise waste. The raw material source is completely sustainable!
Why does product color and thickness look different from one item to another?
As Retree products are completely natural, therefore color variations are a normal reflection of this. Since products are not treated with any chemicals or additives, the original colors remain in the products.
Can we use Retree products in the refrigerator?
Yes, you can use the Retree products in the refrigerator. The food will not react with the product material.
Can we use Retree products in the microwave?
Retree products are significantly more durable than plastic or paper plates. It is also perfectly safe to heat in the microwave for up to 2 minutes.
Are they reusable, and can they be washed?
While they are very durable, they are a disposable product and recommended for single use only. If only used for light, dry snacks, it might be possible to wipe them with a damp cloth. Prolonged submersion in water will cause them to soften, as they are purely natural and not treated with any protective coatings.
How strong is Retree Areca Leaf Products?
Our products are very strong and possibly the strongest & toughest disposables currently available in the market.
How do Retree products react when disposing of?
Our product is 100% biodegradable and compostable. Because there are no bonding agents, wax coatings, or chemicals, it becomes good organic compost when disposed of.
How do Retree products impact Society?
Our products are produced in rural India, which generates employment opportunities in the villages. Workers are taken care of with fair wages and safe working conditions.
Are Retree Areca leaf plates completely non-toxic?
Yes, all Retree products are completely non-toxic because we use nothing but leaves and spring water.
Do I need to wash the Retree products before use?
No, but you can surely give it a nice wipe with a clean dry cloth before use.
Can I use regular cutlery with Retee's Areca plates?
Absolutely! Our Areca plates are lightweight yet strong enough to be used with a knife and fork without risk of punctures or leaks.
Do Retree products affect the taste of my food?
No. Retree Areca plates won't alter the taste of your food in any way. They also have no lacquers on them, so there's nothing to leach into your food-something that can happen with plastics or PLA plastics.
There are many non-identical pictures of the plates on your website. Which one is it?
They are all the same product. The plates are made from 100% natural sheaths and not manufactured identical in color or texture. You will love to see that each plate is unique in its appeal.
Are these Retree plates coated or uncoated?
Our Areca plates have no coating whatsoever. Each plate is natural, being made from individual areca palm sheaths. All-natural, no coatings, chemicals, resins, dyes, or synthetic materials.
If I am camping with these plates, could I burn them safely in a campfire?
You sure can. Since there are no additives or chemicals used in producing our Areca plates, it is safe to burn them. It doesn't produce dirtier black smoke. Before we started making plates out of these fallen palm leaf sheaths, they would have been burnt off on a massive scale as a waste product.