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3 Compartment Nacho Plate

₹ 395.00
Pieces : 50.00

Category : Compartment Plates

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Description : 

Product Features:

  • Remarkable Shelf Life Packaging: All the products are vacuum-packed with silica gel to ensure safety. Later, it is put in a safe and durable box to enhance its shelf-life.
  • Recycled paper packaging with food-grade ink printing: All of the paper boxes are made with recycled paper, and all of the inks are food-grade to ensure safety in situations like organic life consuming the thrown-away boxes.
  • We work for societal and human welfare: We are not just a business. We work for you. We work for society. We work for all beings. We work for the environment to practice sustainability and retrieve nature.
  • Personal brand customization is available: You can customize the branding of our products to meet your business expectations.

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